Our Setup

Our setup has changed so much in the past 9 years, and we think that it's current form is the best one yet. It's simple, sleek and high customizable. Check out the video below to learn more about our setup. After that, read more detail about how our setup can work for your event.

PPB Setup - Beauty Light.png


We use a huge 22" beauty dish with a diffuser to soften the strobe to make you look flawless. The soft light will make your face glow and there is no other kind of light that will make you look this good.


The screens on your Photobooth can look any way that you want them to. You just let us know what kind of specs you are working with and we will do our best to create custom graphics that will help us be a cohesive part of your event. This is also goes on to the emails that are sent to your guests. When someone emails themselves their photos, we can have the email come from any email address that you want, and have the email formatted in any way that you'd like.

PPB Setup - Customization.png
PPB Setup - Compact.png


Because our setup is so customizable, we are able to be extremely compact and modular when trying to get us to fit in a small space or unusual floor plan situations.

We also like to keep things as simple and clean as possible so that we look good at your event.

Some options we are capable of are using projectors, larger monitors, multiple monitors and even playing music as part of a photobooth installation!